How should I prepare for my session?



If you having a portrait session or senior session, you may wish to bring props. Bring items that are a big part of your life, personality or future planned profession. For example:

  • Musical Instrument
  • Leather or other special jacket
  • Letter jacket
  • Sports Jersey
  • Uniform
  • Special Hat
  • Sport Equipment (bat, ball, football, hockey stick, etc.)
  • Sunglasses
  • Items related to special hobbies
  • Car, Motorcycle, Small Pony, etc…
  • Pets (Please let me know in advance)


If you feel you must wear jewelry, keep it minimal. Bring jewelry appropriate to each outfit.


  • Minor skin blemishes, scars, or acne can be removed with photo editing/retouching.
  • Try to avoid tan lines or sunburn
  • If doing your own makeup, keep it simple and minimal. No heavy colors (like brightly colored eyeshadow). Try to keep it simple and natural. You are trying to accentuate your natural features – not look made up.
  • Avoid any makup with glitter or other “sparklies”. Avoid makeup with SPF as it tends to create a sheen.
  • If you think your hands or feet may show in any of the poses you wish to have, make sure your fingernails or toenails are manicured (and polished if that is something you normally like).


  • Arrange your hair the way you would if you were going on a date or a night out with your friends.
  • If you plan on getting a haircut, have it done at least a week before your session.
  • For men, a fresh shave is important and neatly trimmed beard or mustache. Unless, of course, you are going for that “bad boy” look, you could leave a few days growth.
  • If you are doing your own, bring any hair or skin styling products along to your session just in case.


  • Wear clothing that makes you comfortable and reflects your personality.
  • If your session includes multiple “looks”, bring multiple outfits.
  • Don’t mix lights and darks in the same outfit. Try to keep tonal ranges the same.
  • Avoid print patters, stripes, busy patterns or overly bright colors. They tend to be distracting and overwhelming in your portrait. Your portraits should focus on YOU, not what you are wearing.
  • Black shirts or tops are perfect for almost all situations.
  • If your session includes multiple people (like a family photo), everyone should be dressed in similar colors or tonal ranges.
  • Coordinating similar outfits for family photos is always fun. Jeans, khakis, white or black shirts, etc. are always great.
  • Shorts sleeves are ok, but long sleeves are usually better (unless it’s in the middle of a Wisconsin summer, of course). 🙂
  • If you feel you are overweight, dark colors help make you look thinner.
  • If you plan to wear a tie, make sure to wear a jacket or suit.

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